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Bat Mac Derpy Planeh by MacThePlaneh Bat Mac Derpy Planeh :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 13 15 Echo Dot by MacThePlaneh Echo Dot :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 1 3 iPhone 8 picture (camera test again) by MacThePlaneh iPhone 8 picture (camera test again) :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 5 2 Nvidia Geforce GT 610 1Gig Video Card by MacThePlaneh Nvidia Geforce GT 610 1Gig Video Card :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 9 11 HP Hackintosh Screenshot by MacThePlaneh HP Hackintosh Screenshot :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 6 2 HP 6200 Pro Hackintosh (with working graphics ) by MacThePlaneh HP 6200 Pro Hackintosh (with working graphics ) :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 7 2 Mac on a Mac by MacThePlaneh Mac on a Mac :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 13 5 HP 6200 Hackintosh Build by MacThePlaneh HP 6200 Hackintosh Build :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 6 2 AMD Radeon 6670 Graphics card by MacThePlaneh AMD Radeon 6670 Graphics card :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 5 2 iPhone 8 Wireless charging by MacThePlaneh iPhone 8 Wireless charging :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 3 1 macOS High Sierra (final) by MacThePlaneh macOS High Sierra (final) :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 4 2 recovery Working by MacThePlaneh recovery Working :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 5 5 Data Recovery Night (3 TB HDD Partition failure) by MacThePlaneh Data Recovery Night (3 TB HDD Partition failure) :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 8 6 8 Bit Fountain by MacThePlaneh 8 Bit Fountain :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 7 3 iPhone 8 Multicore Benchmark score (GeekBench 4) by MacThePlaneh iPhone 8 Multicore Benchmark score (GeekBench 4) :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 3 3 iPhone boxes (iPhone 8 Test Shot) by MacThePlaneh iPhone boxes (iPhone 8 Test Shot) :iconmactheplaneh:MacThePlaneh 4 0
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Basic Computer outlines
Basic Computer outlines

(just tell me what computer you want done) :)


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The derpy plane
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States

Main computer:
Mac Pro 2008: 2x 3.2 Ghz intel xeons, 32 gigs of ram, 4 terabyte hard drive. 3 graphics cards. :)

Skype username: windowsmachine98
Discord: Mac The Boeing 737#5171

my girlfriend :heart: :iconwindytheplaneh: :heart: :la:

Chibi Mac(For MacThe737) by WindyThePlaneh
Doge Button (Animated version) by ButtonsMaker

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Apple Flag by Seanguy4

well i just thought about making this journal on how i got into loving apple :D. well it started in late 2012 when i was still on my old Lenovo G570 running windows 7. i met one of my good friends and he had a 13 inch 2011 MacBook pro. He started getting into vintage apple collecting. So after my hinges failed on my old Lenovo laptop in late 2013 i went and found my Apple PowerBook G4 1Ghz model which i paid $100 at the time. (which now i know i overpaid for XD). started using it and learning Mac OS X. Which got me to really love the mac platform :3. i learned how to install Mac OS X Leopard and even thought myself to install Mac OS 9 and i fell in love with the classic MacOS. So later that year i had one of my friends on Facebook send me my vintage PowerMacintosh 7600 which was so awesome to have. My first SCSi Bus mac. I was nervous about it because i had nothing at the time to transfer to it but thankfully i got its add-on USB card working after installing MacOS 8.6. So i was able to install my vintage games on it. Then i had my friend Send me his old iMac g5. it Was a nice machine till the LCD and Motherboard failed of Bad capacitors. Then my friend thought me how to Hackintosh my old Lenovo G570 but the graphics weren't supported so i used Mac OS X Mountain lion without full graphics. Then at the end of my senior year in high school. For a really Nice birthday present. My Mom bought me a brand new 2013 iMac from Best buy that was $1,300 in price. (which now i also realized she overpaid for. Also this was before the 4k and 5k iMacs came out). It was the base Model and had a painfully slow 1 terabyte 5400 RPM Hard Drive. It was my first real mac with a intel Core i5 Processor and working graphics support. I was So Happy to have it. :D. Then a few months later i saved up about $100 and was looking for a vintage compact Mac and i found my Macintosh SE on eBay for $87 and i got it. I was so excited to receive it also. i had to have my friend ship me a zip disk driver floppy for me to put any software on it because my powermacs floppy drive was dead. After i got it i was able to install software on it and i still love that machine to this day. i had my 4th Gen iPod touch at the time and i really also fell in love with IOS 6. Then i joined da around the time and used my old iPod to take pics but the camera wasn't the best of quality. Then i traded my friend some stuff and got my first white MacBook which was the 2006 GMA 950 model that ran mountain lion and about a year later i got my 2008 24 inch iMac off my cousin for free. then i used that for about 5 months or so then. i traded it off with my old white MacBook for my old 2008 Aluminum MacBook. I ran Mac OS X Mavericks on it for the longest time because me and my friend hated the newer Yosemite iOS 7 redesign that apple did to OS X. Then later i got another iMac but it was the 2007 20 inch iMac which i helped my friend develop his macOS Sierra Patcher on :D.  Then for my birthday in 2015 i got my iPhone 5s which i still use to this day. Came with iOS 8.3 installed but i updated it to iOS 9.0.2 and jailbroke it and am loving it :D. then i started falling in love with the dual xeon mac pros. and on the first day of 2017 i won a 2008 Mac pro for $282 dollars and upgraded it and now use it as my main machine and sold off my 2013 iMac to my little brother. Then a few more months later i scored the 3 mac pros for $100 and set up the other mac pro 2008 3,1 as my server and now using it X3. Then finally now in mid 2017 i got my high end MacBook pro late 2012. Thats my story of my apple product journey and how i gotten to love apple :D

by the way here is my friends youtube channel:


 just lovely My other 2tb Drive decides to fail on me to. But i knew that was coming so nothing was lost this time. Im Done with Hard drives. Im moving to Full SSD Storage. 
funny how a samsung wireless charger works on a iPhone 8 XD. I guess Sam Sung did really work at apple XD.
finally my dream has come true i am all apple XD. Got 2 Apple 2008 Mac Pros, MacBook pro 2012, iPhone 8 64 gig and my apple watch :D
i sort of feel like a spy when calling people on my apple watch XD. 
Lol i just realized i passed my 3rd Year on DA :). wow :D


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